Sober(ish) Spirograph(ish)

Yep, that's right. Crafty Hour went Sober January - or Dryuary? That's not really a better way to say it but whatever. Anyway, what do you do when you're rocking a Sober(...ish) January? You choose a 90'S SNACK THEMED craft. You should also choose an easier craft but hey, I think at this point it's safe to say we all know I'm bad at all levels of crafts. 

But I'm especially bad at Spirographing. 



What You Need For Sobering Spirographs:

A spirograph kit!

A friend with a spirograph kit! 

A zen AF attitude

Sweet sweet 90's nostalgia


What You Need For 90'S THEMED SNACKS:



Sour Ropes, etc 

weet sweet 90's nostalgia


What You Need For Sober(ish) January: 

Root beer

Guinness (or your fav stout)


Sorry this isn't really a craft and more just a blatant brag that I have friends who have Spirograph kits. BUT you could also think of this as inspiration for your own Crafty Hour! And isn't that what I'm here for? No seriously, what I am doing.

If you want real inspiration, check out this bish. I honest to God have no idea how she does it. Cuz it's so harrrrrd.

Got a bugle on every finger? Sweet, let's spiro. 

1.) Get all those snacks out. 

I mean, obviously this is step 1. 

I mean, obviously this is step 1. 

2.) Get out all your supplies and then take a million snaps before doing anything. 

3.) Spirograph! There are like, a million different little circles and shapes and tools. And depending on what notch you use changes the shape, etc etc etc. Basically it's a lot of trial and error. Mostly error. 



4.) The most important thing when Spirographing is to like, zen the fuck out. Because the second you get even a little excited/confident, this shit happens:

5.) We call it "getting air" but basically it means your little tool thing hops and you get dumb squiggly lines. And, yes I uploaded a snap to vimeo to show you this video. That's how committed to Crafty Hour/slow my life is. 

6.) Soooo yeah, that's that. Just keep shoving bugles into your mouth and trying to spirograph as slow as possible. And remember to send out those snaps. 

7.) Needless to say, none of these ended on the fridge. 

Part II - Putting The "Ish" In Sober January(ish)!

AKA Drinky Drinky time! 


Sober(ish) January

1 Guinness (or your favorite Stout)

1 Root Beer


Empty out half of your Root Beer. Drink it? Pour it out? You're an adult, do whatever you want. Then pour half of the stout into your Root Beer bottle. Drink it out of said Root Beer bottle while telling everyone you're doing Sober January. 

Yes this is a picture of wine but I think you get the point. 

Yes this is a picture of wine but I think you get the point. 

Well I have a rule that once an "alternative fact" enters a blog, it's time to wrap it up. I hope you enjoyed this weeks(ish) Crafty Hour and it brings you hours of friendship happiness. 

Until next time...

Until next time...